Kaelyn ME 431: Mechanical Vibrations

The behavior of physical systems is described by various fundamental laws of nature, such as Newton's laws of motion, yielding mathematical equations whose solution approximates (or models) the actual behavior of the modeled system. In this class we analyze these mathematical models in hopes of describing the dynamical behavior of the physical system. This course concentrates on the analysis of linear models for the behavior of mechancial systems. We study the forced and transient response of single- and multi-degree-of-freedom systems.

Professor: Dr. Dane Quinn ()
Lectures: 4600:431-301 M,Tu,Th 7:55am-9:30am; SHS 126.
Office Hours: tbd
Text: B. Balachandran and E. B. Magrab
Thomson-Engineering, 2004.
ISBN: 0534395104

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TA: Jason Miller ()
Office Hours: tba

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