ME 203

ME 4600-203: Dynamics



Students, in groups of no more than three, are to model and analyze a given physical system using the tools and techniques learned in this class. It is expected that students will analyze their system using both analytical techniques as well as numerical methods.

The goal of this project is to illustrate the modeling, analysis, and simulation techniques learned in this class on a physical system. A significant component of the project is to model and analyze models of varying degress of complexity, comparing the predictions between models. In this way, students can be exposed to the influence of different modeling assumptions on the predicted behavior.

Format Download the project description (updated 04/04/2007).
Download a description of the ASME format.
Download a sample paper prepared in ASME format.

Format twinklemidi.m: a MATLAB .m file illustrating the use of the function "sound". This example does not model the instrument. Instead it specifies the acoustic signal directly, much like a midi file.