ME 461: Design of Mechanical Systems

Spring 1999

Professor: Dr. Dane Quinn ()

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The grade for this course shall consist solely of a final report. Because all of you are involved in the design and construction of an engineering system for one of the various teams (Air Cargo, Formula car, etc.), I don't feel that it is necessary to require status reports throughout the semester. I will, however, require a preliminary report which will only be used to familiarize myself with the project. It is, nonetheless, required. You will neither gain nor lose points from the preliminary report, unless you do not submit it...

The final report shall consist of the following sections:

  • Introduction and Objective: why have you chosen to do this project and what will it provide to the team
  • Schedule: what you did when
  • Background: What was there
  • Project Description: this is your main section. It should consist of a clear and concise description of your project, including project requirements and all engineering work performed. Be forewarned, every decision must be justified, if only by a "I doesn't really matter, so I did it this way" (however, you should say why it doesn't matter).
  • Conclusions: how successful was your design.
This outline is in no way complete and you should, in fact, include anything else that is important, or will help convince me that this is indeed a good design.