ME 630

ME 4600-630: Vibrations: Discrete Systems


Professor: Dr. Dane Quinn ()
Lectures: 4600:630-080 M, W 5:10-6:30; KNCL 312.
Office Hours: TBA

L. Meirovitch,
Principles and Techniques of Vibrations;
Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 1997.

C. Lanczos,
The Variational Principles of Mechanics;
Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1986.

Exams: 60%
Final: 40%

  1. Introduction and Background
  2. Newtonian Dynamics
  3. Analytical Mechanics
    1. Calculus of Variations
    2. The principle of Virtual Work
    3. D'Alembert's Principle
    4. The Lagrangian Equations of Motion
  4. Single-degree-of-freedom Linear Systems
    1. Free Vibrations
    2. Forced Vibrations
  5. Multi-degree-of-freedom Linear Systems
    1. Existence and Stability of Equilibrium Points
    2. Linearization About Equilibrium Points
    3. Free Vibrations
    4. Forced Vibrations
  6. Eigenvalue Problems
  7. Computational Techniques
  8. Qualitative Analysis of Dynamical Systems

Office Hours Office hours will be held in the respective offices unless noted at some later time (if, say, the offices become overcrowded I'll try to find a new location). Office hours are an opportunity for you to get extra help, clarify a mistake, work problems, etc. However you must come prepared. Don't walk in and ask us to teach you ``stuff''. Come with specific problems to be worked or specific ideas you don't understand. If you can not make it to one of the scheduled office hours then feel free to drop by and if I have time I'll be glad to help you, but be prepared to schedule a convenient time for us both.


Homework will be not be collected. It is your responsibility to stay current with the material that is covered in class. However, please feel free to discuss any of the problems with me at any time.

Exams and Final: There will be two exams during the semester. Each will be closed book but I will allow one page (front and back) of notes.
Note: The final will be comprehensive.

Etc.: I hope that you enjoy the class. If there is anything that I can do to help you please let me know.