ME 630

ME 4600-630: Vibrations:Discrete Systems


No. Assignment Due


3 Chapter 4: 2, 7, 9, 13, 23, 26 Nov. 24

Homework will be collected during class and (hopefully) returned the following week. You may work together on homework but any and all collaboration must be CLEARLY NOTED (this includes any sources used other than your text and own notes). In addition you must write up your own work. Please work neatly, show all necessary steps (I don't need to see that 2+2=4), and box in your final answer.

Late Homework Policy:

Late homework will be marked as follows:

Classes Late Percent Off
1 5%
2+ +10% per class

Because the homework is graded mostly on effort (rather than correctness), I feel that this policy strikes a good balance between flexibility with respect to your time and the necessity of staying current in class.