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blog post in ME 203 Class Canceled As I mentioned on Wednesday, I am canceling class today, Friday, August 29. Also, don’t forget that the classroom has been changed to SHS 110, just down the hall. Have a great Labor Day and I’ll see y
blog post in ME 203 Exam I As was decided in class, the first exam will be split over two days, on October 13 and 15, and held during the class period. The problems will cover Chapters 12 and 16 in the text, essentially all of
blog post in ME 203 Fall 2008 Welcome ...and it all begins again. Welcome back to campus and to the home for my section of ME 203: Dynamics. I have spent a bit of time reorganizing this site to include all of the available content in a (h
blog post in ME 203 Looking for ideas... So there it is. I’m looking for ideas...good, useful ideas. About what, you ask? Dynamics. In particular, I was thinking today about the videosolutions and started to wonder if the same sort of thing
blog post in ME 203 Quiz postponed Apparently there were some network problems last night in the College and my machine was inaccessible. So I will postpone the quiz until Monday, September 15. Please note that we will still have ((ME
blog post in ME 203 Video Lecture I’m trying out a new thing...videolectures. I recorded a short (15 minutes) lecture on kinematic transformations, that is, changing directions from one set of basis vectors to another. The lecture foc