ME 321 Homework


No. Assignment Due
Gradescope.pdf n/a
20181004.pdf 04 Oct 2018
20181018.pdf n/a
20181106.pdf 06 Nov 2018
20181115.pdf n/a
20181206.pdf 06 Dec 2018

Homework Solutions are available one class after they are due.

A compilation of exam problems are also available.


All homework assignments are to be submitted in Gradescope. You must register with Gradescope and associate your course using the following codes:
SectionAccess code
4600:431-001 Tu,Th 4:15pm - 5:05pm; Auburn Sci 1229J3J7R

A guide to using Gradescope is available online.


No. Assignment
Mechanical Design --

This link points to a video of a 5-bar mechanism.


Homework will be collected during class and (hopefully) returned the following week. Please work neatly, show all necessary steps (I don’t need to see that 2+2=4), and clearly denote your final answer. I view homework as the opportunity for you to learn the material covered in the lecture. As such, I feel that it is unrealistic for me to expect each of you to master the topics immediately (i.e., submitting a perfect homework). Therefore I feel that it is unfair for me to grade the homework as I would an exam, which is where you illustrate how much you have learned.

My resolution to this dilemma is to have the homework graded primarily on effort. Essentially, half of your grade comes from this alone, with the remaining half from your performance. Thus, realistically if you put forth a solid effort on the homework your grade will be relatively good. My balance in this leniency is provided by the weekly quizzes, which come directly from the homework and are graded as a exam.


You may work together on homework but any and all collaboration must be CLEARLY NOTED (this includes any sources used other than your text and own notes). In addition you must write up your own work.

Late Homework Policy

Late homework will be marked as follows:

Classes LatePercent Off
15 %
2+not accepted