ME 431 Exam Solutions

A cheat sheet for Mechanical Vibrations; me431sum.pdf (173.42 KB)

Current Exams and Problems

Fall 2018
Exam 01  201801-exam01.pdf; with answers
Exam 02  201801-exam02.pdf; with answers
Exam 03b 201801-exam03b.pdf; with answers

Previous Exams and Problems

Spring 2017
Exam 01  201701-exam01.pdf; with answers
Exam 02  201701-exam02.pdf; with answers

Spring 2016
Exam 01  201601-exam01.pdf; with answers

Spring 2015
Exam 01  201501-exam01.pdf; with answers
Exam 02  201501-exam02.pdf; with answers

Spring 2014
Exam 01  201401-exam01.pdf; with answers
Exam 02  201401-exam02.pdf; with answers

Spring 2012
Exam 01  201201-exam01.pdf; with answers
Exam 02  201201-exam02.pdf; with answers

Complied Examples

Previous exam problems, compiled according to topic; MechVibExamples.pdf