ME 321

Kinematics is concerned with the concepts of position, displacement, velocity, and acceleration in planar mechanisms, as well as the introduction to the design, synthesis, and analysis of gears, cams, and mechanism trains. Kinematics is strictly involved with the motion, i.e., considerations of space and time without regard to the forces that produce this motion. In a sense, this describes the possible motion, or the allowable position, velocity, and accelerations.

Class Information

Professor: Dr. D. Dane Quinn (
ASEC (North) 313b
Lectures: 4600:321-005 Tu,Th 9:55-10:45am; SHN 362
4600:321-004 Tu,Th 11:00-11:50am; SHN 359
Office Hours: tba
Text: J. J. Uicker, Jr., G. R. Pennock, and J. E. Shigley
Theory of Machines and Mechanisms
4th edition, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2011
TA: Ruba Alamad,
ASEC (North)