CadyBruce, Thursday 06 of May, 2010, 09:02:18 EDT
Hurrah, we made it through Dynamics!
DavePestian, Wednesday 05 of May, 2010, 15:18:23 EDT
mmmm. It's been real.
MichelleLazanich, Tuesday 04 of May, 2010, 15:28:11 EDT
does anyone know how to do the second part of problem 10 in the 2nd retake exam...? i got the velocity but need the accel, but i can't figure out what equation to use
DavePestian, Tuesday 27 of April, 2010, 01:54:38 EDT
Mike, from what I understand work is a scalar value that is establish by the dot product of two vectors. If both vectors(force of spring and direction traveled)are in the positive direction(or both negative), the work done by the spring is then positive.
MikeBurrowbridge, Monday 26 of April, 2010, 23:28:02 EDT
Is the work done by a spring always negative?
MattFerraro, Saturday 24 of April, 2010, 19:17:36 EDT
Dave, he said like 4 or 5 for the final.
DavePestian, Thursday 22 of April, 2010, 23:09:55 EDT
has he told anyone the number of problems that will be on the final? should we expect one from each exam?
MatthewMottice, Wednesday 21 of April, 2010, 12:35:00 EDT
Does anyone know if it is possible to print out the videosolutions in a slide by slide form?
JessicaCapestrain, Tuesday 20 of April, 2010, 18:00:32 EDT
For problem 3 on Homework 10 the second part of the solution has the normal force at point C as being equal to (rho)*(theta dot)^2 but if you sum the forces in the i direction at point C shouldn't the normal force be equal to [-m*(rho)*(theta dot)^2]?
HeatherSmeltzer, Tuesday 06 of April, 2010, 16:28:51 EDT
If anybody wants to study for the quiz a group of us are studying for it in Sisler lounge from 4-7. Just knock on the front door or front windows and somebody will let you in