ME 203

Announcements, comments, and thoughts

Prezi - Videolectures and Examples

Hi all,

I have compiled the videolectures and examples into a Prezi presentation. If you have never had any exposure to Prezi it is a very cool way of developing presentations. You can either step through the content like a normal presentation or zoom through the canvas at your leisure.
ME 203: Dynamics - Prezi presentation

Fall 2016, Exam II - Location Change

Hi all,

I have reserved a different classroom for Exam II, tomorrow, Friday 04 Nov 2016. The exam will be held in
Shrank Hall South (SHS) 145

This is the large lecture hall so there will be lots of room to spread out. See you then...


Hi all,

A couple of reminders for class:
  • There will be a quiz over the homework next Wednesday. I will post homework solutions by Monday to the website. As a result, the second homework will not be due until next Friday.
  • We will have our second make-up class next Tuesday during the problem session.

Meanwhile, enjoy your holiday...

Snow days

Ahhh... snow... and ice. Thankfully, and I’m sure that you all feel the same, classes will resume on Thursday. The homework that was originally due on Wednesday will be due on Friday instead. However, solutions will also be posted on Friday as well, so no late homework (on Monday for example) will be accepted. Then quiz will be held on Monday as originally scheduled. Meanwhile... some good things do come from Kent.


As promised in class, I found the video for the OK Go Rube Goldberg machine. It is absolutely brilliant. These things rely on the repeatability described by Dynamics. Balls roll and bounce exactly where the are supposed to roll and bounce... water flows in just the same way every time... people fly through the air...

Very very cool...

This Too Shall Pass

Homework 08, Problem 06

Hi all. I am going to move problem 6 from this week’s homework to next week. It’s not too difficult but I have not really added in rotational kinetic energy to our discussion of work energy yet. I’ll probably do that on Friday...

Spring 2010 Exam II

Exam II will be held on Tuesday, March 23, which is the week after spring break. It will cover all things related to planar dynamics. The current homework should provide examples related to the most recent material. However, because of my travel and the upcoming break it will not be turned in. Instead, I’ll post solutions to all problems later in the week. If you have questions over break, you can post then on the forum, or I will be on campus all week.

Spring 2010 Exam I

Monday is the day...our first exam. The exam location will be in our regular classroom. I tried to find a larger space, but there are no other classrooms available on campus at that time. Also, as I mentioned, I’ll be out of town on Friday so class is canceled. However, if you have questions our fair TA, Angie Triplett, has agreed to be in her office from 10:00am-12:00noon on Friday to answer any questions. Also, there’s always this site, including the forums for any questions that might arise over the weekend. Although I’ll be out of town, I’ll try to check in periodically. Also, this is a great opportunity to help each other. If you see questions, post answers...

As you prepare for the exam, don’t forget to download the cheat sheet. The exam is closed notes, closed book, so this is the only additional information that you’ll have’ll mostly need to have your wits about you. There are numerous bits of content on this site, including videosolutions, examples, and graduated problems. Good luck...