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Quiki registration

First blog, first problem...

Several (OK, most) of you are having difficulty being validated for the site. You’re all special and very important to’s that for validation?

Anyway, I can’t really seem to figure out exactly what the problem is, but part of the site thinks that you have been validated and another part does not. So you’re not validated but it won’t let me do it again. However the reason is not really important because I have a solution. If your validation has not gone through:
  1. Go to the login page and click the “I forgot my password” link under the login box, or just go to
  2. Follow the directions and enter in your username
  3. you will receive an error message that you have not been validated yet by me (duh)

This seems like a waste of time, but it’s not. The website will send me another message to validate your account, which should work this time.

Class Canceled, 2009 Mar 30

Just a reminder that today’s class has been canceled, as I am currently in Washington D.C. Also, we will not have problem session tomorrow. However, I will push the deadline for the homework back until Friday (although there is class on Wednesday).

Looking for ideas...

So there it is. I’m looking for ideas...good, useful ideas. About what, you ask? Dynamics. In particular, I was thinking today about the videosolutions and started to wonder if the same sort of thing would be useful for the lectures as well. I have a colleague at UVa who podcasts his lectures, but I was thinking of something smaller, more self-contained. Essentially I am asking for topics that you find confusing, unfamiliar, or on which you would like to see more. I’ll try to sit down and develop a short (5-10 minute) videolecture on the topic. Thus you could, at any time, go back for a quick review. These are in no way designed to replace the actual lectures, just to provide more cowbell...uuhh...content.

My first thought was one focused on changing directions (for example from i and j to e<>1 and e<>2). Any other suggestions? You can leave your comments here on the blog. If there is interest I will do as many as requested (within reason of course).

Problem session - 27 Jan 2009

Dr. Gerhardt’s section will be taking the first part of his exam today during problem session. So for us, this means that ASEC 122 is unavailable for questions and answers. Instead our problem session will be held in ASEC 304 today from 1:10-2:00pm.

Example acceleration problems

There are a number of videosolutions that concern the acceleration problems that we are currently discussing. You can find them under the category Point Kinematics. In general if you have any questions on the videosolutions or if something is not quite clear, please let me know and I can look into it, possibly even rerecording the solution.

ME 203 Final Exam Room change

Good news...the scheduling office has reserved a larger room for our final exam:
Thursday, December 11, 2008
Shrank Hall South (SHS) 229

As a reminder, the final exam will be comprehensive, but will emphasize the material from planar dynamics. Good luck...

Exam II

All of the large rooms have been reserved today during our class time, so the exam will be held in the regular classroom from 1:10-2:00pm. See you there...
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