ME 203

Announcements, comments, and thoughts

Exam I

So as I mentioned in class, the exam average was 67. While some did really very well, those who did not need to go back and look at the exam so that we can clear up where the problems lie. As a first step, you may rework the exam, which is available on the website.

The reworked exam may be turned in next Monday, March 31. As I mentoned in class, when I evaluate your revised submission, I should be able to simply look at your solutions and see that they are correct. Thus they need to be complete, logical, and neat. If I have any difficulty, I will simply hand he test back to you to do again. Once this is completed, I will increase your grade by 15% of the points that you originally lost. For those students who received below a 60 on the exam, this is mandatory. For the remainder of the class, this opportunity is optional, but it is still an opportunity and I would urge you to take advantage of it.

University Closed today (update)

So you have probably already heard, but if not, then here goes: the University is closed today so the exam will be postponedmrgreen. At this point I’m not sure to when, but I expect that it will be next Tuesday. I really doubt that I will be able to find a three hour block of time between now and then. Unfortunately I cannot even check on next Tuesday until the University reopens (hopefully tomorrow). I’ll let you know as soon as the exam is rescheduled.

p.s. My son made me put in the smiley face...

Exam I tomorrow (26 Feb 2008)

Yep...its that time of the semester neutral. The first exam will be held tomorrow, 26 Feb 2008 in SHS 145, which is the same location as the problem session. The exam will be two hours in length and in order to accommodate your various schedules, you can either take the exam from 12:00noon-2:00pm, or from 1:00pm-3:00pm (but not from noon-3:00pm).

The exam will cover kinematics...essentially Chapters 12 and 16 in the text. Your best bet for studying is to work problems-make sure you understand the homework and have a look at the example problems that are available on the website. Also, I will provide the exam, cheat sheet, and paper. You only need bring a pencil, calculator, and knowledge.

Videosolution for Problem 01-06

I created a video solution for Problem 06 from Homework 01...the one with the accelerating and decelerating car that must travel a specified distance in the shortest time. You can find it on the website.

A word of warning: I think that my microphone is on the fritz, because the sound level is really low. You’ll have to turn it up to an 11 to hear the audio (look for it). Just don’t forget to turn it down before switching back to normal life...

Also a favor: please send me any feedback, comments, etc on these. You can just add a comment to this blog (link below).

Videosolution 01

So I’m taking requests...on the quiki there is a survey and you can vote for the first videosolution of the semester. I’ll generate one for whichever problem generates the most interest.

The link to the survey is here or you can find it under the ME203 category.

Welcome back!

A new semester is upon us, whether we like it or not. Hopefully it will be a good one, all things considered. This will be, I think, a unique class. First off, its pretty least there are not many seats available. But more importantly, I’ll be trying to make use of all sorts of new things to help us along. Some of these new and improved include forums, blogs, video solutions, and some ideas that I have for interactive solutions. But if none of this interests you, how about this, or this?