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Some things you can count on: Snow in March, Homework 07...

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I’m having trouble deciding if #1 is a mult-DOF system. Is the problem statement giving us the displacement of the end of spring 2 as esin(wt) relative to inertial space? aka that being what we would use to describe the stretch of spring 2? I tried the problem using x,y,z, and theta assuming esin(wt) to be a non-conservative force going into Qi, but I’m unsure of what to do with the Lagrangian at this point. The difficulty there made me question if I wasn’t supposed to use esin(wt) as the displacement and not even have to use the Lagrange equations at all.

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For question 3, is the isolator supposed to dampen?

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For problem 2, when solving for the distance between the center of mass and center of rotation, is the “total mass” including the unbalanced mass or just the mass of the object (compressor in this case). Referring to the equation rho=(mu/M)*r. Does M include mu?
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The total mass...