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Homework 04

quinn United States
Hummmm, whatever could it be...

Problem 2...the solutions manual says that x = acostheta + sqrt(b2-a2sin2theta). How did they get that second term?

They got that x equation from using trig. For the first part of x, they're looking at the triangle w/ sides A, B, and the bottom side is a small part of x, or "d". So "d" is acostheta. For the second part of x, they're looking at the other triagle w/ sides B, P, and the other side of x, or "e," we'll call it. By trig, "e" is equal to the sqrt(b2-a2sin2theta). Hope that helps! For clarification: x = d + e

Oh wow, I can't believe I forgot about the pythagorean theorem. Makes perfect sense now. Thanks Liliya!

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