Working Model

Working Model Working Model, from Knowledge Revolution, Inc., is a software package designed to provide analysis, simulation, and animation tools for modeling physical systems.

The Student Edition of Working Model is published and distributed by Addison Wesley Longman, who can be contacted by phone at (800) 822-6339.

Examples The following are Working Model (.wm) files. You can save these files to disk and open them in Working Model to view the simulations. If, when opened in Working Model, you have problems (such as wrong format), the files can be downloaded via ftp from quinn.mechanical.uakron.edu.

Double pendulum [11k]: this simple system is one of the canonical ``chaotic'' toys. In particular it exhibits sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Small initial variations in the position and velocity of the links lead to dramaticallly different results.

Magnetic spindle [15k]: as modeled in class, we find large amplitude oscillations as the rotational speed of the spindle approaches the natural frequency of oscillation in the verticle direction.

Mass center [9k]: the mass center of a system of interconnected balls behaves like a single particle.

Spring-mass-damper [10k]: this model, which leads to a constant coefficient linear differential equation, is the basis for much of linear vibration theory.

Kinematic inversion [33k]: Although the relative motion between the links is identical, the absolute motion with respect to the ground is ver different.