D. Dane Quinn

Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering
The University of Akron

107b Auburn Science and Engineering Center
Akron, OH 44325-3903

B.M.E. 1991 (Georgia Tech); Ph.D. 1995 (Cornell)

Donald Dane Quinn was born June 10, 1969. Son to Jane and Don, brother to Ashley, he grew up in Athens, Ga. where he played in the hundred-acre wood with Mr. Theodore Bear (cousin to Edward), learned the bear necessities with Baloo, and refused to eat dead peas. He laughed on stage, cried when the Bulldogs lost, and found out that music makes the world go round. From the beginning, he was, to say the least, unusual.

With the help of Michael, Becky, and Leigh, he made it through high school, played soccer, and fixed golf carts (but not in that order). Upon graduation from the hallowed halls (and parking lots) of Cedar Shoals High School, he seized the day and left for the bright lights of Atlanta and the bricks of Georgia Tech. Again he found friends (Scott and Tonya, Tim, Scotty, and Swifty), played soccer, and became a hell of an engineer. All the while working hard by day, and enjoying life in the evenings. It was then he realized that life is indeed to short to drink cheap beer... or bad scotch.

Little did he know, his life would change (for the better), with his first course in Mechanics. For sitting across from him in Statics, wearing a red dress, was his future wife, the former Miss Kristen Layne Slough. With one small wager and one good exam, their lives would become intertwined. After all, it was Pub night. Finally, after a long journey, he proposed one September morning in Munich... she said yes.

Upon graduation in the Summer of 1991, and without a second thought, he proceeded to the frosty north, not stopping until he reached Ithaca, NY, and Cornell University. It was there that he discovered that snow sucks. Being unusual, as he was (she too was unusual), Kristen and he decided to try marriage before living together and, on December 28, 1991, they tied the knot. As Kristen remained in Atlanta for graduate school, it was not until the following summer that they were reunited. Everything proceeded as before. He found friends (Alex, Veg, and Cindy), played soccer, got a dog (Madison), and, while consuming much coffee, worked hard.

Two days before his A-exam, he learned that he was to be a father... the real adventure began. Nine months later, on September 11, 1995 at 4:11am, after 32 hours, he finally held his baby girl, Kaelyn Layne. After that, nothing else seems important.

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